Trip Splitter Press Release

Trip Splitter - Ultimate Tool for Traveling Together

The fun of traveling together with friends can often be dampened when it comes to tracking and splitting expenses.  The answer - Trip Splitter. Just say no more to the calculator, note pad, even the paper trail and download the Trip Splitter app from the iTunes store.

Trip Splitter can be easily installed on any iPad or iPhone at the bargain price of $1.99 (US).  To begin tracking, simply create a new trip and enter the travelers (unlimited number).  Trip Splitter provides preset expense categories such as food, lodging and gas and an “Other”.  As an expense occurs, select the category, the amount, who paid and who participated.  In addition, photos of receipts can be taken and managed with Trip Splitter. At any time during the trip, Trip Splitter can provide a detailed report of who has paid for what and when.  

Trip Splitter has received significant recognition since its release including:

Traveling twosomes? Trip Splitter Lite is available from the iTunes store (for free!) if traveling only in pairs.

Trip Splitter and Trip Splitter Lite are products of DC Software Arts.  Two retired IBM/NASA engineers, Clifton Grim and David Lavin. founded DC Software Arts in 2009.  The company is truly a family affair with Dave’s wife Carol, and Clif’s wife Terry and son Chris, contributing their various expertises.  Interestingly, Dave and Clif met many years ago at IBM on their first work day.  Dave even introduced Clif to his now wife Terry. The three eventually worked together on the Space Shuttle at Cape Kennedy.

The DC Software Arts team now has more than 15 apps in the iTunes store including Divyit (manages roommate expenses), Ink Me (create virtual tattoos) and Ninjas Versus Vikings (a challenging, fast-paced game).  For additional information on Trip Splitter or DC Softwares visit the ITunes store or contact DC Softwares Art at