Bill Split OCR Help

Splitting a bill with Bill Split OCR is a simple 3 step process:

1. Take a photo of the bill with the iPhone's camera.

2. Verify the scan - you can edit values that were misread, add items that the scan missed and delete items that should not be included.

3. Each person then touches a colored button and then touches their items. Their total shows up on the left.

Getting a good photograph of the bill is important to the scan. Here are some tips:

1. Get even lighting and no shadows, use another iPhone to light the bill evenly. If using the iPhone flash, pull back far enough to get an even illumination from the flash.

2. Take the photo as close to straight down on the bill as you can. But better to have the top of the bill going off into the distance than to have a shadow on the bill.

3. Leave a little space at the top above the first item.

4. Try to get the totals at the bottom, and especially include an "Included Gratuity" line if it is there.

5. Use portrait mode if possible - watch the little camera icon on the shuttter release button - it should be in the normal orientation, if not, point the camera back up vertically until it reorients.

6. Get as close as possible without losing the line items off the left or right sides of the screen.

7. Try to have the line items as horizontal as possible, they should be parallel to the top and bottom of the screen.

Editing items:

- To edit an item value, you must be in edit mode, which is indicated by the values being in white rectangles. Touch the padlock icon to enter and exit edit mode.

- When finished editing an item value, either touch another item value to start editing it, or touch Done or off to the left to dismiss the keyboard.

- To edit an item description, touch the description while in edit mode.

- To add an item, touch anywhere on the "Add An Item" line.

- To delete an item, drag left or right across the line

Usage tips:

- To split an item, touch it for each person.

- After a scan and before selecting a color, the item values are in edit mode.

- The camera icon allows you to take another photo of the bill.

- If you cancel from the photo action, you can request a sample bill we've provided to play around with.

- The email icon allows you to email the results of the split and the scan of the bill.

- The up/down icon allows you to hide and show totals and tip details.

- The padlock icon toggles in and out of edit mode.

Shake options:

- Even split - divides the bill amongst all the colors selected.

- Random split - gives the while bill to one of the colors selected.

- Resets:

  - Reset selection - unassigns all items.

  - Reset all - undo all edits and assignments 

  - Clear - clear everything back to an empty bill

Available Settings:

The Bill Split OCR application has settings that you can access in the iPhones Settings app.  The settings allow you to configure the following parameters.

1. Default tip - initially set to 15%.

2. Include or exclude tax when calculating tips - initially set to include tax.

3. Display totals or not - initially set to not display totals. A button on the main page allows you to show and hide totals independent of this setting.

4. Email options - you can configure how you want emails of the split bill to be sent.

5. Save photo - initialized to Yes.  This setting allows you to specify if you want the photo of the bill added to the camera roll.

6. Shake options - you can configure what functions you want to be able to do on a shake event.

Running the app in English:

 - Use the iPhone Settings app.  Find the settings for Bill Split OCR and go to the Language settings.