Bill Split OCR - An expense sharing app

Out with your friends at your favorite restaurant or bar and need to split the bill? Our Bill Split OCR (Optical Character Recognition) application is an easy to use and fun way to split your bill. Impress your friends with the following three step process:

1. Take a good picture of the bill with your iPhone 3GS (required) camera and then let the Bill Split OCR do its magic by converting the photo into a list of bill items. If needed, bill items can be added, deleted or changed.

2. Split the bill items with our easy to use selection process. You can even share the cost of an item.

3. Each person can then see his/her total and change the tip percentage if needed.

It's just that easy. So convert the unpleasant experience of dividing the bill into a fun experience by using the Bill Split OCR application.

Click here to purchase the Bill Split OCR at the iTunes store.


- Takes a picture and convert the bill to bill items using OCR technology.

- Fast OCR scan completes in about 30 seconds.

- Allows the bill items to be split between 1 to 6 payers.

- Allows for shared bill items, like a bottle of wine, to be shared between multiple payers.

- Keeps track of the individual totals and tip amounts.

- Allows each payer to have different tip percentages.

- Automatically divides common items like tax correctly.

- Editing of bill item amounts is extremely easy.

- Adding and deleting bill items is extremely easy.

- Shake feature for evenly splitting all items.

- Shake feature for randomly choosing one payer for the whole bill.

- An email can be sent containing the various splits, the bill photo and a CSV (Comma Separated Value) file.

- Allows for various default settings like email addresses and tip percentage.

Again, please note that this application requires the iPhone 3GS with the new autofocus, closeup capable camera for OCR capabilities. The application can be easily used to manually create and split a bill if the OCR function does not accurately read the bill.

If you have a bill that doesn't work well, help us make the program better by using our support site to give us feedback.

Example of a scan and the "blue" payer selecting items.

This screen shot shows the second person has selected

their items and shared the coffee. This is the more

detailed view which shows the totals and tip.

This picture shows two screenshots of the horizontal,

total and tip calculations view that comes up when you

turn the iPhone sideways.

This screens shots shows that an email can be sent

with the payers splits and an attached photo of the bill.

Our settings include ways to:


1. OCR complete sound courtesy of spazzo_1493 and

2. Split complete sound courtesy of Peter Beug and\

3. Tap sounds courtesy of vitriolix and

Bill Split OCR was designed and developed by DC Software Arts,"