Ink Me - Virtual tattoo app

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Want to see what that new tattoo is going to look like before you commit? Or not really going to get a tattoo - just want to see what one would look like? Try "Ink Me". You can take a photo of a design or use one of our samples to show the tattoo on a photo you take of your body. 

And then for fun post the results to facebook , email them to yourself and your friends, or print them.

Ink Me allows you to draw or photograph the tattoo that you want to use. Then you can take a photo of your body or use an existing photo to overlay the tattoo to see what it will look like,

It doesn't have to be a tattoo. Ever wonder what you'd look like as Snidely Whiplash mustache?  Just draw the mustache and photograph your drawing.

Ink Me is very easy to user. First touch the Background tab to take a photo of your body or choose a photo from your photo albums. Once shown, you can drag, rotate and resize (pinch gesture) to get your background photo like you want it.  Then touch the Tattoo tab and take a photo of a tattoo you drew or have an image of, or select one from the library of tattoos we've provided. Once shown, you can drag, rotate and resize the tattoo to look right on your background.  When done, touch the Facebook icon to share the results via Facebook or email.

Here are some people who have used Ink Me

Here are examples of some of the tattoos we provide.