Trip Splitter - Track shared expenses and easily even up.

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Trip Splitter is an easy way to share and manage expenses while traveling with friends. There are lots of travel expense splitter apps, but none that have the ease of use and full functionality of Trip Splitter. Trip Splitter was designed  from the ground up to intuitively let you specify and manage travel expense items - who paid for the item and who participated in the expense.  And at any point, just turn the iPhone, Touch or iPad sideways to see the simplest number of payments for everyone to get even.

Trip Splitter Features

Unlimited number of travel splitter/participants:

 - everyone gets a colored button

 - simply touch people's buttons to signify their participation (using) and paying details

 - people can be payers-only or participants-only or both

 - multiple people can be payers

 - splits can be evenly spread (automatic) or unevenly spread (assisted)

 - turn device sideways at any time to see who pays who to even up

Travel expense items are easy to create and edit:

 - create items even faster by touching buttons in the bottom bar.

 - or touch a date on the main table view to create an item for that day (dates can be changed later)

 - touch an item already in the list to edit or delete it

 - we look up place names for your location and allow you to name your expense item from the names we find. And then view a map with all your expenses located.

 - attach photos of receipts or events associated with an expense item

 - change the types of existing expenses

 - touch person buttons to configure payers and participants

 - optionally touch currency button to define the item in a different currency

 - optionally track payment type - cash, credit, debit, check and gift

- record individual payments between people

Main view shows all critical information:

 - items are grouped into table sections by day

 - item row shows name, participants and payers by color code, and expense amount

 - totals shown by day

 - person buttons can be pre-configured with participant and payer defaults

 - new in this release: simpler, more intuitive participant and payer iconography

Save lots of trips:

 - have any number of trips going at one time, just switch between them

 - each trip can have its own unique set of persons/splitters

 - edit trip names and the names on the person buttons

 - when defining your new trips, choose the participants from your address book and automatically get their photos and email addresses

 - optionally create new trips with the persons in your current trip


 - email the current status of the trip expenses and splits at any time

 - enough information is provided in the email to recreate even the most complex uneven split and currency conversions

 - email contains all attached photos and a KML file for viewing your trip

Innovative menu system:

 - Add new trips, switch between trips, delete trips, edit trip names, email trips, even up and view totals


 - local app based help

 - web based help

 - email support from the app

We are continually releasing many asked for enhancements, such as:

- Updated user interface look, and even faster data entry 

- More intuitive person participation iconography 

- Quickly create items with new buttons in bottom bar 

- Expense items mapped by location 

- Edit items from the map 

- Choose from “Place Names” for item names 

- Type ahead for item names 

- Change expense types for existing items 

- Start new trips with current users 

- Choose splitters from your address book, save their photos and email addresses 

- Change currency of the trip more than once 

- Attach photos of receipts and events to items 

- Record payments between participants 

- Send expense record emails to participants with email addresses 

- Enhanced email with photos and KML files 

- See photos of people when selecting Who Paid/Who Split 

- View explanations that help with expenses in different time zones 

- Enhanced screen oriented help

What the reviewers are saying about Trip Splitter:

Trip Splitter in the New Again - Trip Splitter was recently named one of the "20 best travel apps to download" by the Australian According to Webjet, 

"If you’re travelling with friends and want to make sure everyone’s splitting travel expenses, Trip Splitter is a great way to keep on top of who’s paid what. Letting users create a trip, add participants, mark off who’s paid for what and what’s still owing, avoid any nasty arguments about money and let Trip Splitter track your shared expenses and easily even up."

Read the Webjet article at

Our Trip Splitter app was highlighted as one to use on your spring break! Check it out.

I LOVE this app - recently went on a trip around New Zealand and it was becoming a nightmare to keep on top of who owed what, so we scoured the app store to find one that did the job. After trying about 3 other ridiculously complicated apps found this little beauty - BEATS the others hands DOWN! Only thing you need to understand is that each colour represents someone on the trip.. (remember to add them at the beginning), but then you just whack in the amounts & who paid & it works it all out for you. Rather clever. And a huge time / friendship saver when you are all confused days later. *****

The best thing about the iphone is how it makes my life easier, and Tripsplitter is definitely another app that helps with that. I used to just use iphone notes to write down i.o.u's whenever I went on trips with friends, but that is a thing of the past with Tripsplitter. I just punch in who paid for what and who split the expense and at the end of the trip everything is calculated for each person on the trip, no math required (:

Highly recommended, it is quickly becoming one of my favourite utility apps.

This thing is ssssweeeeet.  You can keep up with your own expenses when you're travelling or use it to remember who paid for what in a group.  If you want to split it up, just push a button and it does the work for you.   Since I use my I-phone all day long, its easy to enter the big items, and say good bye to messing with receipts.

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