The Art of Pong

There is an art to the classic game of Pong. This version takes that concept to many levels: lots of original art and creative backgrounds to choose as themes; total flexibility in the parameters of the game such as ball speed, paddle size and experience level of the user; ability to use motion sensing for moving the paddles on the screen; and lots of stats for those who like to track numbers. So come play Pong with the snails as they move through a zen garden, watch the waves lap the beach, or tackle Pong in space and in the ocean.

Click here to purchase the Art of Pong, our newest game, an artsy version of the classic Pong game.

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Gamer Limit Review of Art of Pong.FEATURES:

Game modes:

- person vs person

- person vs machine

- and the very fast and entertaining machine vs machine

Player settings: add/delete/change

- one or two paddles per player

- game difficulty level setting per player

- top or bottom position

- person or machine

Game settings:

- ball size and speed

- sound effects level

- motion effects level

Quick play - games start right up

Rich multi-language support

No ads

14 different game themes for your every mood:

- Relax with the Zen, Beach and Water themes.

- In an artsy mood? Try the Art Gallery, Paint and Trail themes.

- Want some excitement? Road, Space and Water add background motion.

- Or bring back the 70's with the Retro, original Pong theme, or the no frills, Simple theme.

- Challenge yourself with the Reveal or Garden themes.

- Or create a Custom theme with your own photos for the background, paddles and ball.

We'd like to thank NASA for the space photos and noiseCollector at for the Retro theme sounds.

Check out our themes and backgrounds for playing pong.

Space - travel around the universe while playing your favorite game:

Beach - the waves go in and out. Surfboards for paddles

(shown with two paddle option. Beach Ball for the ball.

Zen - stress free theme.

Bubbles - can you keep from being distracted?

Garden - buzzing bee for ball, butterflies and flowers.

Paint - as the ball travels, a work of pointillism is created.

Reveal - as the ball travels, it reveals more of the artwork beneath.

Retro - what would a pong game be without

the original look?

Road - you might get motion sick on this road.

Water - our aquatic theme.

Trail - the ball travels with a tail.

Or Simple - no distractions, simple layout.

And what game can get by without a lot of annoying