Mersenne! - A prime numbers game

Think you're a math wiz? Just want to learn some prime numbers? Then Mersenne! is the game to play!

Mersenne! provides endless hours of fun learning prime numbers, trying to beat your highest score, or questing to find your largest prime.  When you get that new high score, Mersenne! allows you to send a email, tweet or share on facebook this achievement with your friends using the Mersenne! social interfaces.

Just when you think you've mastered Mersenne!, try finding prime numbers in hex or octal.

Mersenne! has many themes to match your every mood:

- Relax with the Zen, Beach, Garden and Water themes.

- In an artsy mood? Try the Art Gallery themes.

- Want some excitement? Road, Space and Water add background motion.

- Want the no frills, Try Primes or Simple theme.

- Or create a Custom theme with your own photos for the background.

Social Interfaces:

- Facebook

- Twitter

- Email

And of course, we have a great set of game settings to allow you to configure the game to match your needs.