Journ. A travel, expense sharing, photography, journaling app

Journ is a group travel expense, photo taking, management and sharing genius.  With Journ, the trip is never over. It can be relived through item descriptions, photos, slide shows, maps, captions and Evernote. There is no time like the present to capture your life’s journey with Journ!Journ, like our Trip Splitter app, is a group travel expense management genius. Journ keeps track of expenses, who pays, participates and owes; for an unlimited number of splitters, in any currency.  Journ, however, goes beyond expenses:

- Records “Events” of the trip, “Places” of interest and “Notes” on anything.

- Record “Tracks” of the routes traveled, as well as hikes, bike rides, and runs.

- Camera with seven travel ready modes. Each expense, event, place, note and track item has a its own camera roll.

- Photo viewer/player to manage photos and slide shows including a map based slide show.

- Social sharing via emails, postings and PicasaWeb albums.

- Archiving to Evernote.

Journ is a photo taking genius. In addition to point and shoot and self-timer photos, Journ offers a “Guest Taker” mode. This mode allows someone outside the group to take a photo and even thanks the Guest Taker. In the “Clean Screen” mode, all the buttons disappear and touching the screen anywhere takes a photo.  If a lit screen could bother others, activate the Journ “Stealth” mode.  The “Take Photo on Launch” mode is perfect for the tired traveler. In this mode, a photo is taken each time Journ is launched.  Further, the number of exposures can be set to 2 or 3. Photos are taken one second apart and which ensures a  greater chance at the perfect shot.

There is no better way to memorialize travel than with photos.  Managing travel photos, however, can become time consuming.  Not with Journ. Journ is a photo management genius. Journ tags photos with time taken and GPS location. Journ can even suggest the name of the photo location. In addition, photos can be rated or “starred”, captions added and arranged for the ultimate slide show.  Spending a little time rating and captioning the photos and greatly simplifies sharing via emails, social postings or PicasaWeb or posting a  nicely prepared journal entry to Evernote.  Further, the wearisome and sometimes emotional tracking and sharing of group expensives is super simplified.  

More Features:

- Quick single photo sharing: Two touches to a composed email with the photo attached. The email will include the photo, the entry name and information, the time and GPS location.

- Slide show viewing: A Slide Show navigator allows viewing of photos by the trip, day or item level. Additionally, photos can be viewed by their star rating - two star (best) photos, one star or all photos.

- Journ tracks: Record locations every second. Display route taken in rainbow colors or colors based on the altitude or speed. Display 28 attributes of the track like average or top speed, time stopped or moving. Pick 6 “featured” attributes to highlight on the map and to include in the top Trip Name bar of the item list. Further, if walking, running or biking, Journ provides estimates for steps and calories expended. Active Tracks can be uploaded automatically, every 15 minutes, to your Google Drive so that, with a simple Journ provided link, your friends and family can see your progress. No limits to the number of active tracks.

- Day tracks: Journ will automatically start a new track each day.

- Item maps:  Show the whole trip, a day’s entries or just one item. Scroll through the items. Items can be edited from the map.

- Item list: Section item table by day, week, month, quarter or year. Order the sections forward or backwards. Number the sections.

Journ is a must have app for anyone that wishes to document their life - from a special day to a business trip to a trip around the world.  Businessmen, parents, photographers, travelers and people from all walks of life can capture their life’s journey with Journ.  

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