Welcome to the DC Software Arts (DCSA) webiste! Please use this website to learn more about our expense sharing, travel and photography apps; games and more.  DCSA specializes in expense sharing apps for travel, events, bills, even roommates.  Helpful videos and tips are provided which allow you to maximize the functions of these apps 

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Expense sharing, travel, photography apps

 Journ, DCSA's newest app, has been referred to as the "Swiss Army knife" of travel apps.  Journ has all of the Trip Splitter expense sharing features plus easily creates a photo album of your trip. In addition, Journ tracks and creates a map your trip (complete with photos), provides an enhanced camera and greatly simplifies sharing part or all of your trip’s map and photos via social media, Picasa and Evernotes. Basically, Journ creates a detailed written and photographic journal of your trip. Click here to purchase the Journ app. Click here to vist the Journ blog.

  Use the Journ Tracker app to always know your GPS location, share your location with family and friends and create a map of your journey. Click here to purchase the Journ Tracker app

    Journ Locator displays, and updates every second, the address information associated with your GPS location. It also displays the raw GPS information, updated each second: Latitude, Longitude, Altitude, Horizontal Accuracy, Heading and Speed.

 Use the Trip Splitter travel expense sharing app to manage group trip or vacation expenses and figure out who owes who at the end of the trip. Our Trip Splitter travel expense sharing app was highlighted as one to use on your spring break! Check it out. Click here to purchase the Trip Splitter application.  A Trip Splitter Lite version (free) is also available.  Click here to download the Lite version.  To learn more about Trip Splitter, visit the Trip Splitter blog.

Use Event Splitter to manage shared event expenses and figure out who owes who at the end of the event. Click here to purchase the Event Splitter application.

   Divyit - Simply and quickly enter all your monthly  bills and house supplies, select which roommates or friends are included, and Divyit will do the rest. Click here to download Divyit.  It's free!

Tailgate Splitter. Breezily split tailgating expenses. In 10 seconds.  It takes mere seconds to get started and add participants. When you split a bill, simply pop open the app, enter each participants costs, and the IOU’s are calculated and stored.  Click her to purchase Tailgate Splitter.

Use gestures to move around Money Me, our loan and mortgage calculator. Click here to purchase.

Games and misc apps

Mild to Wild - Have great fun trying to swipe same color balls in this screen packed, crazy bouncing ball game. As you get better you can advance from "Mild" to "Wild".  Click here and let the swiping begin!

  Word Watch - Our first Apple watch app!  Want to use your Apple watch to learn words and definitions? Word Watch will challenge you by showing you a definition and two words. Pick the correct one to go on - or learn from your mistake!  Click here to access Work Watch in the iTunes Store.

  Ninjas vs Vikings will test your swiping skills.  Best of all - it's free!  Click here to download the iPhone version.  A Ninjas vs Vikings iPad version  is available and is also free!  Click here to download the iPad version.

Art of Time lets you have many clocks and calendars and use gestures to travel through time. Click here to purchase.

Think you're a math wiz? Just want to learn some prime numbers? Then Mersenne! is the game to play! Click here to purchase.