Welcome to DC Software Arts. Please use this web site to purchase and learn how to use our iPhone applications.

Our Trip Splitter app was recently highlighted as one to use on your spring break! Check it out.

  Ninjas vs Vikings will test your swiping skills. Click here to purchase the iPhone version.
   Ink Me lets you see what you will look like with tattoos.  Click here to purchase Ink Me, at the iTunes store.
Use Trip Splitter to manage shared trip or vacation expenses and figure out who owes who at the end of the trip. Click here to purchase the Trip Splitter application.
  Use Event Splitter to manage shared event expenses and figure out who owes who at the end of the event. Click here to purchase the Event Splitter application.

Use Optical Character Recognition to magically scan your bill for the items to split. Click here to purchase the Bill Split OCR.

Don't trust OCR? Our EZ bill splitter optimizes entry of items for a quick, accurate split of any shared bill. Click here to purchase the the Bill Split EZ.

Use gestures to move around Money Me, our loan and mortgage calculator. Click here to purchase.

Art of time lets you have many clocks and calendars and use gestures to travel through time. Click here to purchase.

Our first game, the Art of Pong, an artsy version of the classic Pong game. Click here to purchase the Art of Pong,

Think you're a math wiz? Just want to learn some prime numbers? Then Mersenne! is the game to play! Click here to purchase.

Santa Me lets you fashion yourself and your friends as Santa and other holiday things. Click here to purchase Santa Me.

  DC Software Arts developed the iPhone app for the rLink motorcycle tracking and security system.

New! Art of Pong is rated #5 Arcade kid game by lunchboxreviews.com.

Event Splitter
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